The Advanced Airfield Lighting Course is run over a period of 4 days at your airport and is designed for experienced airport staff and electrical contractors (or advanced installation technicians) who are responsible for installation and maintenance of aerodrome lighting. 


The course covers correct procedures for maintaining airfield lighting systems and the current regulations and CASA requirements.  It includes runway, taxiway, approach, obstacle lighting and IWDI and PAPI/T-VASIS.  


It also covers;


  1. design aspects relating to PLC control and monitoring, with hands on training and 'circuit ideas' including ethernet messaging.  

  2. a practical class exercise using the MOS 139 to upgrade from a 45m runway to 60m runway to allow for A380 operations.  

  3. A (stage 1) MOWP exercise for temporary PAPI after reducing the runway length in order to reseal the runway, with consideration of AC 139-20.



Other topics include:


  • Review aerodrome day markings

  • Review airport lighting standards

  • Advanced APL series circuit dynamics and Cable Loss Calculations

  • Airport lighting safety (isolate and make safe)

  • Runway/Taxiway lighting arrangements to Cat III

  • Overview of the 5kv cable joint

  • Airport lighting testing and fault rectification

  • Use of airport lighting contractors

  • Obstacle restriction and limitation

  • Displaced threshold and PAPI exercise

  • Runway Threshold Identification Lighting

  • PAPI set up and survey

  • Declared distances

  • Commissioning of airport lighting systems

  • Earthing and surge suppression

  • Safe planning and conduct of aerodrome works

  • Constant current regulators

  • MOS 139 Chapter 9 exercise


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Advanced Airfield Lighting Course