The Basic Airfield Lighting Course is generally run over a period of 4 days at your airport, we can modify a programme to suit your needs and provides the following training topics:

  • Rules, Regulations & Guidelines

  • Standards and recommended practices

  • AGL Documentation

  • Aerodrome Day Markings

  • Series Circuit 

  • AGL Control Arrangements

  • Constant Current Regulators

  • Mains Isolating Transformers 

  • AGL Chromaticity 

  • AGL Illumination and Photometrics  

  • Runway Lighting

  • Taxiway Lighting

  • Visual Approach Path Indicators

  • Runway End Identifier Systems

  • Apron Floodlighting Arrangements

  • Apron Earth Points 

  • Obstacle Lighting

  • Illuminated Wind Direction Indicators 

  • Portable Airport Lighting

  • Standby Generating Plant

  • AGL Inspections  

  • AGL Commissioning 

  • Isolation Procedures

  • Testing of Airport Lighting Circuits 

  • AGL Maintenance Procedures

  • AGL Fault Finding & Rectification Procedures

  • AGL Occupational Health and Safety

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Basic Airfield Lighting Course