The Registered Works Safety Officer Training Course (WSOTC) is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical instruction required to ensure aerodrome safety while aerodrome works are being carried out on a registered aerodrome open to aircraft operations.

The functions of a WSO include (but are not limited to:

  • having sound knowledge of the MOWP and ensuring that the works are conducted in accordance with the MOWP;

  • where applicable, ensuring timely issue of NOTAM as set out in the MOWP;

  • where applicable, liaising with air traffic and ground control personnel on a regular basis when work is in progress;

  • liaising with the works organisation, on a regular basis, regarding any matters necessary to ensure the safety of aircraft operations and aerodrome personnel;

  • ensuring unserviceable areas, temporary obstructions and the limits of the works area are correctly marked and lit in accordance with the applicable MOWP;

  • ensuring that vehicles, plant and equipment are properly marked and lit;

  • ensuring that access routes to works areas as set out in the MOWP are clearly marked and lit;

  • ensuring that excavation is carried out in accordance with the MOWP, and in particular, so as to avoid damage or loss of calibration to any underground power or control cable associated with a precision approach and landing system or navigation aid;

  • immediately reporting to the NOTAM Office any incident or damage to facilities likely to affect the safety of aircraft;

  • ensuring that the movement area is safe for normal aircraft operations following removal of vehicles, plant equipment and personnel from the works area; and

  • ensuring that floodlighting or any other lighting required for carrying out the works, is shielded so as not to present a hazard to aircraft operations.

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Registered Works Safety Officer Training